Woke Of The Week™ Action Card Expansion Packs

Wokeopoly Action Cards

Woke Of The Week™ Action Card Expansion Packs

One of the most boring aspects of the traditional Monopoly® game is that the Chance and Community Chest action cards are always the same. B-O-R-I-N-G!!

Using Action Card Expansion Packs, the Crushing Wokeness™ upgrade kit takes a fundamentally different approach and avoids this problem by allowing expansion of our Real World™, Nanny State™ and Wokeodile™ action card decks to keep the game fresh, interesting and up to date.

Action card expansion packs keep the Crushing Wokeness game fresh and engaged with the player community by allowing the addition of new, timely content from current events. Each action card expansion pack includes 15 all new action cards:

  • 5 Real World
  • 5 Nanny State
  • 5 Wokeodile

Action card expansion card pack content is generated internally or in combination with the “Woke-of-the-Week™” player submission process.

There’s a lot of woke out there and with Woke of the Week™ you get to submit ideas for future Crushing Wokeness action cards. Now, when you “see woke”, you can “say woke”!! We will review these submissions and select the best for inclusion in new Real World, Nanny State and Wokeodile action card expansion card packs. And, if your card idea is selected, you will receive a $100 Amazon gift card and have the option of having your name listed as the contributor printed on the final published action card!

Follow this link to see how you can help expand Crushing Wokeness using Woke of the Week to submit your ideas for new action cards:

Official Woke Of The Week™ Submission Rules

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