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Wokeopoly Action Cards

The Crushing Wokeness ™ do-it-yourself upgrade kit converts a classic standard Monopoly® game into Crushing Wokeness™ , a satirical board game that mocks wokeness, political correctness and cancel culture. Crushing Wokeness ™ bridges the gap between iconic Monopoly®, the world’s best known board game, and the current raucous political climate. You could even call the upgraded Monopoly ® game, “Wokeopoly ™”. The upgraded game has features to keep players and potential players engaged and interested in the game for hours of fun play.

Q.          Why should I buy a Crushing Wokeness™ Upgrade Kit?

A.           Almost everybody has a classic Monopoly® game gathering dust on a shelf or in a closet. The upgrade kit is an impulse buy for anyone interested taking that game down from the shelf, doing a quick upgrade and having a fun evening of gaming.

Q.          Can you really do this?

A.           Of course. All of the cards and labels supplied in the Crushing Wokeness™ Upgrade Kits and Expansion Action Card Packs are completely original, unaffiliated with Hasbro and created and copyrighted by us in their own right. Besides, you are updating a Monopoly® game board you already own. Since you own the game board, you can stick our labels on it, stick other labels on it, write on it, cut it into strips, shred it, burn it or do anything else you want to do with it.

Q.          Who can install the Crushing Wokeness™ Upgrade Kit?

A.           The Crushing Wokeness™ Upgrade Kit is easy to install for anyone – just apply a few stickers to your current Monopoly board.

Crushing Wokeness Board Track Sticker

Once installed you can play immediately and if, in the future, you want to revert to classic Monopoly® the stickers can easily be removed.

Q.          How does the upgraded Crushing Wokeness™ game compare to other board games?

A.           There really is no comparison. Crushing Wokeness™ bridges the gap between the world’s most familiar, highly iconic board game and the current raucous political climate. Crushing Wokeness is in the satirical tradition of great humorists like Carson, Leno, Stewart, Carlin and others. While edgy, irreverent and occasionally a bit sharp and snarky, the game is good humored and, unlike much cancel culture itself, the game is never personal or vicious. And it’s fun to play!

Q.          When will the Crushing Wokeness™ Upgrade Kit begin shipping?

A.           We’re completely ready to start full scale production. We just need final artwork and production printing. Assuming our crowdfunding campaign is successful Crushing Wokeness™ Upgrade Kits should begin shipping in early 2023.

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