Crushing Wokeness™ Do-It-Yourself Monopoly® Upgrade Kit

Crushing Wokeness Do-It-Yourself Monopoly® Upgrade Kit

Crushing Wokeness is coming!

Mocking wokeness, political correctness and cancel culture

Think you can win a classic board game upgraded to combine iconic game play while you are now forced to deal with wokeness, political correctness and cancel culture? Then you’re ready to upgrade your old Monopoly® game to Crushing Wokeness™.

The world has gotten a whole lot more complicated in the over 90 years since Monopoly® was introduced in 1933. Except for ever escalating prices, buying and selling property has not really changed all that much since then but now you have to do it in an environment dealing with:

  • Food, fuel and rent costs driven ever higher by crazy inflation
  • Millions of illegal immigrants swarming across our borders
  • Out of control crime
  • Fentanyl epidemic
  • Unrealistic electronic vehicle mandates
  • Soaring interest rates make buying real estate difficult/impossible
  • Politically correct government regulations
  • Woke media, corporations and school boards
  • And on… And on… And on

Our Crushing Wokeness™ do-it-yourself upgrade kit* integrates classic game play with current topical ideas and a sharp, satirical edge. While retaining classic game rules, our totally original action cards and selected board square changes significantly changes game play. And – using our unique “Woke of the Week™” website feature – you can keep the game in sync with current events.

*PLEASE NOTE: you must already have your own Monopoly® game to use the Crushing Wokeness™ upgrade kit. No standard Monopoly materials are included.

Our Crushing Wokeness™ do-it-yourself upgrade kit transforms a standard* Monopoly® game into a game where you must now deal with more modern problems like wokeness, political correctness and cancel culture.

And you don’t even have to buy a whole new Monopoly® game to play Crushing Wokeness™! Almost everybody has an old Monopoly® game sitting around gathering dust on a closet shelf. Just get yours down off the shelf, dust it off, take a couple minutes to install our upgrade kit and you’re ready to start playing Crushing Wokeness™! And if you don’t already own a Monopoly® game, don’t worry. We can buy a brand new game and upgrade it for you.

The Crushing Wokeness™ upgrade kit replaces the standard Monopoly® “Chance” and “Community Chest” action card decks with three new, completely original “woke” 20 card action card decks:

The “Real World”, “Nanny State” and “Wokeodile” action cards – many inspired by real world events – take on different aspects of wokeness, political correctness and cancel culture. The kit also includes removable, full color stickers that are easily attached over selected squares on the standard* Monopoly® board track:

In less than five minutes you can transform your classic Monopoly® game into a game more in touch with current events. You might even call the upgraded game “Wokeopoly™”.

Changing the action cards and updating selected board squares significantly changes game play. Sharp and snarky but never personal or vicious, the upgrade bridges the gap between classic Monopoly® and the current raucous political climate.

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*PLEASE NOTE: The Crushing Wokeness™ upgrade kit is designed for use with the current production 20″ x 20″ standard Monopoly® board. (You must have your own Monopoly® game. Game board and materials are NOT Included.) It will also work just fine with the vast majority of earlier standard Monopoly® boards.

So, Are You Politically Correct Enough To Face the Wokeodile?

Crushing Wokeness Wokeodile

Ready to Risk being cancelled

Crushing Wokeness "You're Cancelled"

and Sent to the Woke Gulag?

Crushing Wokeness Woke Gulag

Crushing Wokeness ™ is Coming Soon! Please Check Back!!

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